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MagGenome is primarily focused on the development of magnetic nanoparticles-based products.​
The company has developed DNA/RNA extraction kits under the brand name “XpressDNA/RNA”, clean up and size selection as “XpressPure”.​
The XpressDNA/RNA protocol is designed to extract high molecular weight DNA/RNA which is free of protein and PCR inhibitors using our patented magnetic nanoparticle technology.​
The kit also requires the use of a magnetic separator “MagNaStand” which is made of rare earth magnets that provide effective magnetic strength to process different volumes used in the kit protocol.​
MagGenome will also focus on other applications of magnetic nanoparticles in near future for providing solutions in the areas of molecular diagnostics, therapeutics, and research applications.​



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We deliver products that pave the way for unlocking molecular insights and solutions. Our scientific team with years of experience have created best in class molecular lab essentials, purification, extraction and sample collection kits for scientists, engineers and technicians.
We aim to provide simplified solutions suiting your needs with our products. Our applications span through:

High quality DNA recovery

Purified nucleic acids

PCR and NGS ready products

Viral RNA detection

High throughput DNA/RNA extraction

SARS- CoV-2 detection

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Why is the purified genomic DNA sheared?
  • The genomic DNA was handled improperly – Pipetting steps should be handled as gently as possible.
  • Improper storage of sample – Avoid using blood which is clotted or stored at suboptimal conditions.
  • Frequent freeze thaw of DNA – avoid frequent freeze thaw of eluted DNA
  • Nonsterile consumables usage – ensure that the pipettes are cleaned, vials and tips autoclaved properly. Otherwise, the DNA will degrade due to nuclease activity.
  • Improper Agarose gel and buffers – make sure that the gel and buffers are prepared properly. Do not use the old or used Agarose gels for checking the DNA
How would I know if there is ethanol in the extracted DNA?
  • The eluted DNA smells ethanol.
  • DNA floats back from the well of agarose gels even if the DNA is loaded with loading dye.
  • DNA will not freeze well in -20 ℃
How to quantify the extracted DNA?

You can measure DNA by NanoDrop spectrophotometry or by fluorimeter using Qubit. In Qubit assay, the dye binds specifically to double-stranded DNA and not to nucleotides, single-stranded DNA, or RNA.

Can I elute the DNA in 10 mM Tris-Cl, pH 8.0?

Yes. Avoid using Tris-EDTA (TE) buffer as EDTA will inhibit the activity of enzymes used in downstream process such as PCR, restriction digestion, etc.

What are the advantages over existing products /technologies in the market?

The XpressDNA Blood kits are produced using a magnetic nanoparticle based patented technology. The major advantages include lesser dependence on time consuming steps like centrifugation, use of spin columns and multiple tube changes. The recovery of genomic DNA is higher because of the increased surface area of the nanoparticles.

What is the stability of the kit components?

The reagents present in this kit are guaranteed to be stable over a period of one year.

Why do Qubit and NanoDrop Results Differ?

Qubit assay specifically measures double stranded DNA and therefore provides a more accurate detection of DNA concentration and amount. NanoDrop spectrophotometry measures DNA concentration by determining the absorbance of light at 260 nm. Though double-stranded DNA has an absorbance at this wavelength, other molecules also absorb including proteins, RNA, single-stranded DNA, free nucleotides, phenol, and other contaminants. Therefore, NanoDrop measurements are prone to over estimation of DNA amounts due to the detection of contaminants in the sample.


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